Our Beliefs and Values

Our Mission: To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the word.


We envision a church unified in Christ that actively seeks to courageously share God's amazing love. Empowered by the holy spirit, we will foster spiritual growth and positive relationships while ministering to the diverse needs of our community and world. We seek to humbly serve christ in our community.

We believe the chuch belongs to God and that the Church is, in the words of St. Paul, the body of Christ. The church is the physical presence of Christ in the world. Our primary aim is to do the will of God in having open hearts, minds, and doors to the Spirit's leading. We believe God has called Ivey Memorial to the following:
Our Beliefs: As a member of the body of Christ, in the United Methodist tradition, we are faithful to our traditions and open to the Spirit's work in our new adventures in faith.
What is a Christian in the United Methodist tradition? United Methodism is the second largest Protestant denomination in America. We are evangelical and moderate in our approach. We hold to the historic doctrines of the Christian faith in word and practice. We value intellect and reason, tradition, and experience. We look to the Bible as the authoritive rule both in faith and in practice. We are people of Grace. We are a church on the move in mission to local communities. We understand the world is not always a world of black and white answers and we are willing to ask the hard questions, to wrestle with difficult issues, and to do so with compassion. We are all sinners saved by grace in Jesus, therefore, we welcome anyone interested in learning about the Christian faith.

We are known for an emphasis on personal faith, passionate preaching, mission to our neighbors, worship that is lively, and small groups where people may grow to be disciples of Jesus the Christ!


Congregational Drivers for Vision and Mission Radical Hospitality, Passionate Worship, Personal Faith Development, Risk-taking Mission & Service, and Extravagant Generosity. These drivers are our core principles to make disciples for Jesus Christ as a church. All of our programs radiate God's love utilizing these principles.

Our Strategies: We affirm the call of Christ to empower us in the work of ministry through the Holy Spirit. Our chuch believes our work for the kindgom making disciples, reflecting God's love, occurs through the use of these spiritual disciplines:

  • Prayer - individual and communal
  • Worship - daily and weekly
  • Study - in the Word of God and works which build the body of Christ
  • Acts of Mercy - daily acts of kindness and grace
  • Commitment - to the call of Jesus every day in every way

Our Values: We desire to honor God at Ivey Memorial through our work on His behalf. To this goal, we will do His work with the qualities we most value: grace, integrity, excellence, relevance, authenticity, passion, humility, faith, commitment, service, inclusivity, joy, and love.


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